Social Responsibility

Today’s corporate existence goes beyond profitability, service delivery and return on investment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has become a topical issue in corporate policy framework the world over.

This is why IEI has remained unbent through the years in championing eco-friendly projects that have impacted on life and society.



Care for the environment is at the heart of IEI, that is why since 2004, the company partnered with Dr. Newton Jibunoh and FADE Africa, by embarking on tree- planting campaign in the remote village of Makoda, in Kano State.

This village is just miles away from the Sahara desert, were desert encroachment is a real issue to this community and others within the region. Various types of trees were planted, relevant to the needs of the communities.

The IEI wall of trees, seemingly puny little seedlings then, have become hard woods, sand and wind breakers. Fruit trees were also planted to provide sustenance for the people.

In partnership with FADE Africa (Fight Against Desert Encroachment), IEI organizes prize giving ceremonies and tree planting competition for secondary schools in Kano State, on every June 10th, the World Environment Day, and June 18th, the World Desertification Day. The idea is to pass a generational message of creating sustainability, as well sensitize youths on the need to preserve the environment.

Our achievements in social investment earned us a place in the reports of CNN when they began the novel programme “Going Green”, in 2009. Our adverts featured on their global bouquet alongside Kirloskar and Enel the global oil giant.

As part of the activities scheduled to mark the 80th birthday celebration of Dr.Newton Jibunoh, IEI has prepared to partake in the next desert expedition of the desert warrior himself, which will come up much later in 2016. IEI branded the vehicles used for the first, second and third expeditions of Dr. Newton Jibunoh, across the Sahara.