Energy Insurance

We offer ranges of Energy Insurance covers


IEI Plc provides cover for both traditional and alternative power risks. Our expertise is supported by our Foreign Technical Partners to provide adequate coverages in the generation, transmission and distribution chain, which include:

  • all risks of physical damage
  • business interruption
  • general third party liability

We provide cover for prototypical offshore wind projects to more familiar Solar PV Plants and from frontier territories to those with long-established power grids.

IEI Plc are specialists and at the forefront in providing Energy Companies adequate coverages on the wide range of risks they face. Whether the focus is on exploration, construction or refining and marketing, our energy experts will assess your exposures and provide you with adequate insurance coverage. These include:

  • physical damage to property
  • control of wells
  • general third party liability
  • business interruption
  • redrilling/extra expenses
  • seepage and pollution , clean up and contamination

Additional coverage by endorsement –

  • underground blowout
  • making wells safe
  • care, custody and control
  • evacuation expenses
  • extended redrilling and restoration cost
  • decommissioning
  • physical damage
  • general third party liabilities
  • physical damage
  • general third party liabilities

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